Camille C.


Jasmine is a wonderful, beautiful dancer who happens to also be a great instructor. She knows many dances and understands how to make the instructions clear, help beginners, improve advanced dancers. She'll make you feel relaxed and all the learning will be fun, fun, fun. There is nothing she doesn't know about dance.

Suzanne B.

Jasmine is an amazing dance instructor.   I have taken both tango and swing lessons from her.  Her instruction is clear and easy to understand; she is very patient and sensitive to students' needs.  She is also a  beautiful dancer with a natural ability to share her skills.


In my 20 years of dancing, Jasmine is the best instructor I have ever danced with! She is immensely talented and able to teach multiple skill levels at the same time! She can be flexible with her schedule when needed and she is willing to teach in home, or an alternate location! She listens to what her students want and immediately addresses those wants. She is very skilled at addressing the different challenges that surface for people when they are learning to dance. I am so grateful to have her as an instructor.

Peter g. 

Jasmine is that rare combination of spectacular artistic talent AND the ability to teach her art to us mere mortals. I've taken beginning swing, intermediate swing, and lindy hop lessons from her, and I've learned a lot while having fun! She shows you how to do the steps, makes sure you really get it before moving on, and laughs along with the learners. I highly recommend any class with her!


Jasmine is an excellent teacher. She is knowledgable, experienced, patient, and strikes exactly the right pace and tone. We're very lucky to have found her and recommend her enthusiastically.



Exceptional! The experience could not have been more lovely and thoughtful. My partner and I learned so much in an hour and half, in a very organic and lovely way. Jasmine has a calming and caring presence and the experience was sweet and fun and productive, truly a gift. I'm so looking forward to returning soon.






Jasmine helped make our first dance the best dance! We have never taken a dance class before and Jasmine made us feel like experts once it came time for our first dance. We started in a group setting where we did a six week class and learned the basics. At first we were stepping on each others toes but Jasmine was always patient and accepting, she made learning fun. For our first dance we wanted something special. We didn't want to be shuffling around on the dance floor we wanted to do turns and dips! We loved Jasmine's teaching style and decided to take a few additional private lessons with her to perfect what we had learned in the group class.  She adjusted her teaching strategy to meet everyone's  learning needs in the group class and knew she would be a great instructor one on one. After the private lessons, our stress of feeling and looking awkward quickly turned to confidence. We were turning and dipping better than dancing with the stars.

Meghan S. 



Jasmine was such a fantastic teacher. My spouse and I decided to take some lessons from her just for fun and we had a blast! She also came to our home which was so convenient. Jasmine is very, very patient and also astute. She could pinpoint exactly what was hanging us up on different steps and gave us feedback in a straightforward and compassionate way. She was also tuned in to how each of us was responding, including different kinds of resistance, which went a long way to eliminating obstacles in our dance.



Hands down the best dance teacher you could possibly ask for! She makes every lesson fun and productive and can make everyone and anyone look good dancing! My husband and I took private lessons with her in our home before our wedding and it was truly the best gift we could have given to ourselves. Can't wait to sign up for more classes!!


So friendly, sweet, patient and talented. We love her!

I call her "MJ" for Magic Jasmine because she has such a magical way of making something complex simple. And, her personality is magical too. I have to admit that dancing a structured dance like East Coast Swing is a challenge for me, but her patience and kind direction have allowed even me to grasp the moves and feel confident on the dance floor. She is a very nice person and a wonderful enthusiastic teacher. I can't say enough good things about her!







Jasmine is a beautiful dancer and an infectiously joyous teacher. She has wisdom, grace, and great dedication to dance and to her students. She is a rare gem and a wonderful gift to the SF Bay dance community. I can't recommend her enough.




Jasmine was amazing teacher! My partner, Daniel, and I needed to learn how to swing dance in just four weeks in preparation for a friend's wedding. We tried a group class, but learned very little and felt more confused than confident. Almost dreading the next class. We decided to try private lessons and Jasmine exceeded our expectations! Every class was delightful, informative, and we learned more in three hours than in a group class. Jasmine is patient and has a gift for teaching We were always looking forward to our next class. We had a great time at the wedding. Highly recommend Jasmine!